Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Cleaning A Microwave Exhaust Fan

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Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Cleaning A Microwave Exhaust Fan

23 July 2015
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If your microwave is very high-end, you should put at least a little effort toward maintaining it. If you aren't willing to at least clean off all the dust and debris that accumulates on the exhaust fan every once in awhile, you're not getting your money's worth. When you find the time to clean your microwave exhaust fan, remember to avoid these three pitfalls.

Being Too Rough When You're Unscrewing And Removing The External Grate

If you haven't removed your microwave's external grate in a long time, you might not be able to get it off immediately just because you removed its screws. This is because gunk and debris buildup have acted to partially fuse the interior edges of the panel with the rest of the microwave's body.

But in most cases, the panel won't be so stuck that you can't remove it with a little extra elbow grease. Your main concern should be not putting so much force on the grate that you bend it in the middle. If this happens, it'll be much harder to make the grate correctly fit on the microwave body again.

Using A Liquid Spray Instead Of A Damp Cloth

Microwaves are relatively small and have a lot of fragile parts in them. Using a liquid spray that has a habit of seeping into every corner when you let it loose is a great way to cause a lot of damage to your microwave.

Instead, use a small cloth with just enough water and soap in it to clean the fan. Since completely soaking the cloth will cause almost as many problems as using a liquid spray, it's better to only dip one part of it in water.

Not Wrapping The Power Cord Around The Microwave Before You Start Working

If you have a lot of clutter on and around your microwave, you might be tempted to just leave appliance's power cord as it is while you clean the exhaust fan. However, if the power cord is very close to the fan's external grate, doing this will be very distracting. Additionally, if the cord gets wrapped around you and you forget about it, you could end up knocking your whole microwave to the floor when you walk away.

Clear away any clutter that's on your microwave and toss the power cord on it. If you really want to be safe, wrap the end of the power cord around your microwave's door handle.

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