Three Things You Can Check And Fix On Your Jacuzzi Bathtub Before Calling A Pro

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Three Things You Can Check And Fix On Your Jacuzzi Bathtub Before Calling A Pro

12 December 2015
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Having a jacuzzi tub built right into your bathroom is a wonderful amenity. It provides you with more room to relax when you want to take a nice bubble bath, increases the value of your home and provides you with a jet stream-infused spa bath whenever you have tired and sore muscles that need pampering. However, a jacuzzi bathtub may develop some issues over time, especially if you have hard water, long hair, or someone with thick body hair uses the tub often. Here are three things you can check and fix on your jacuzzi bathtub before calling professional appliance services. 

Check All of the Ports When Cleaning the Tub

The ports in your bathtub are the exit points for the jetstream air bubbles. If these get clogged with hair or soap scum, the ports stop ejecting the amount of air needed to create that spa tub bath you crave. When you clean the rest of the tub, be sure to check all of the ports and clean them out thoroughly.

Check the Air Hose Lines

The air hose lines that connect to your tub's ports can loosen over time. After all, they are ejecting and emitting quite a bit of air psi (pressure per square inch). To check the air hoses, carefully remove the tub's side or front panel (side panel for a rectangular tub, front panel for a corner or triangular tub). Check each hose connection at the point it connects to the jacuzzi engine and check all the hose connections to the tub's ports. This is also a good time to check the hoses for cloudiness or water in the lines since it is possible for this to occur. If you need to, detach the hoses, clear them and reattach them tightly.

Lubricate the Jacuzzi Engine

While you have the tub panel off and you are checking the air hose lines, check the jacuzzi engine as well, Like most small engines, it requires some lubrication so it does not overheat during use. If you have a really easy-to-care-for jacuzzi tub engine, then it will have a small port on the top or side into which you can place a few drops of the special oil meant only for this type of small engine. If you do not have this lubricant, do not use anything else in place of it. Either go out to a jacuzzi tub and spa store and ask for the lubricant or hire an appliance repair technician (such as one from Master Reglazing) who will bring the oily lubricant to your home.

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